We are the future.
They cannot silence us.

Protect our right to vote.

Take Action

We won’t be silenced. Take action to protect our right to vote!

The And Still I Vote call to action will work to stop efforts to silence our voices and empower our communities to act. It’s up to us to create a democracy where every eligible voter can cast a ballot and have it counted. Unless we act now, millions of Americans will be denied the right to vote this year.


In 2020, the world will hear us.

Why We Fight

And Still I Vote is a national call to action for people to take back the power of the vote. 2020 is the election of our lifetime and we will not be silenced. In every corner of our country, policymakers have put up discriminatory barriers to the ballot that shut us out. From closing polling places in Black communities to wrongfully erasing voters from the rolls – including low-income voters, seniors, and college students. They are taking away our right to vote and rigging the system for their own benefit.

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The Receipts

Decisionmakers nationwide are passing laws to make it harder to cast a ballot. They’re stripping the fundamental right to vote from millions of Americans simply because they have a criminal conviction. And they’re deciding – in secret – to close polling places in our communities.

17 Million

People were purged from voter rolls between 2016 and 2018

6 Million

People were denied the right to vote in 2016 due to a previous felony charge

25 States

Half the states in the country have enacted voting restrictions in the last decade


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