The Campaign

For democracy to work for us all, it must include us all.

We understand young people feel disillusioned with the fact that our government is not delivering on the issues that matter to them. The And Still I Vote campaign is empowering them to take action now to be the change they want to see. Engaging and being part of our democracy, in any way you can, will help us ensure our leaders look like us and reflect our values. That is how we will take back our freedoms, prioritize the issues that we care about, and illustrate that we will wield the power that we hold to change the outcome of our future.

Right now, our democracy is under unprecedented attack. This assault on democracy has only grown in momentum since the 2020 election, with new and increasingly dangerous tactics that continue to undermine free and fair representation. If our voices and votes did not matter, they would not be trying so hard to make us invisible.

And Still I Vote is a campaign to show up for our communities and reclaim our power — and to realize the full promise of our democracy. It is a campaign of The Leadership Conference Education Fund and our sister organization, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the nation’s oldest and largest civil and human rights coalition. Together with our partners, we are getting voters the information they need to show up for their communities and ensure our democracy works for all.

And Still I Vote Campaign

The And Still I Vote campaign is a response to the evolving landscape of democracy. As of 2020, the new American majority—comprising people of color, young individuals, and unmarried women—constitutes 64% of eligible voters. Our goal is to engage, educate, and increase civic participation within this demographic, significantly impacting the discourse on voting rights, our fundamental freedoms, and protecting our multiracial democracy.

Our 11 target states are: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Mississippi.

How We Will Do It

Throughout the country, we’ve seen anti-voter legislation, political violence, rampant spread of dis/misinformation, and efforts to take over our state legislatures to pass restrictive voting bills and use racist conspiracy theories to increase their power at our expense — especially Black, Latino, Asian American, and Native American voters. They’re rigging the system in their favor. If our vote did not matter, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to take it away.

The campaign collaborates with national and in-state partners to educate, persuade, mobilize, and empower women of color voters aged 18-35 in eleven states who will constitute over 50% of the electorate in 2024. Our 11 target states are: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Mississippi.

We want to highlight the possibilities that voting brings for us, reclaiming our power at the ballot box to deliver for our communities. We also address the challenges posed by hundreds of restrictive voting bills introduced across the country, focusing on issues like election administration, certification of elections, criminalizing boards of elections, voter ID requirements, and voter purges.

The campaign works against the disinformation aimed at suppressing voter turnout in communities of color.

We’ve already seen historical wins through strategic partnerships, including state-based voting rights legislative packages, rights restoration passage, mail-in voting expansion, language access improvements at the ballot box, and in-jail voting.

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Did you know that millions of Americans can’t access the democratic process because of solvable problems in how elections are run? These problems aren’t felt equally across communities – voters of color are 6x more likely than White voters to wait longer than an hour to vote, even in the same town. Spread the word to help defeat barriers to the ballot box.

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