Weekly State Democracy Amplification Digest

State Democracy Amplification Digest

The purpose of the digest is to relay organizational updates on democracy related action in priority states and where state partners need support from colleagues and national groups. These updates are gathered during a weekly State Democracy Amplification Call hosted by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Common Cause, and Stand Up America with partners around the country. The site is updated weekly on Thursdays. Please email [email protected] to join the mailing list and/or the weekly calls. 

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April 11th, 2024

AZ | Partners are continuing to urge Arizona members to use these tools to call legislators to oppose SCR1041 (attacking the ballot initiative process), oppose SCR1044 (eliminating judicial term limits), oppose HCR2032 (attacking vote by mail), and oppose HCR2058 (warp the census to take power away from undocumented and BIPOC communities). An email tool denouncing these anti-democracy referrals is here. An email tool on HCR2058 is here.

ME | National Popular Vote (NPV) has passed both chambers. Partners are continuing to urge Maine members to send an email to make sure Governor Janet Mills signs NPV into law.

MN | Minnesota Voting Rights Act (MNVRA) passed the House as part of Elections Omnibus bill. Senate will vote on its omnibus bill (with MNVRA) next Monday or Thursday. Then conference committee. Partners are as Minnesotans to write to their Senators to tell them which pro-democracy policies are important to pass this year as they approach a floor vote on the Senate Elections Omnibus bill (SF4729 Carlson). Use this tool here.

MO | SJR 74, HJR 86; HB1749 have all passed the House and pending in the Senate. These would end majority rule in Missouri’s Citizen Initaitve Process. Partners are urged to contact their senator and urge them to protect majority rule and vote NO. Use these talking points

(How to contact senator? – DS)

MO | SB1199 and HB1927 is Legislation to restore voting rights to those on probation or parole passed out of senate committee and is on the calendar for perfection in the Senate. Partners are asked to contact their Senator and urge them to VOTE YES on SB1199. 

MO | HB1240 is legislation that would protect election workers and their families from threats and harassment has been perfected in the House, and needs to be sent to the Senate. Partners are asked to contact their legislator and ask them to vote YES on HB1240.

MO | HB2628 is legislation providing a cause of action to remove deep fakes in elecitons has passed the House and sent to hte Senate. Partners are urged to contact their Senator and ask them to vote YES on HB2628. See MO Voting Rights Bill Tracker at: bit.ly/movotingbills

NE | LB20 is a critical piece of legislation that would restore the right to vote to thousands of Nebraskans who have completed their felony sentence. Partners are asking members to continue writing to Governor Pillen using this email tool here.

NY | Partners are asking New Yorkers to call state leaders to stop AI deep fakes. 

PA | Fair Districts Amendment (HB 1776), a crucial piece of legislation aimed at reforming our state’s redistricting process would create an 11-member Independent Citizens’ Redistricting Commission that would draw legislative and Congressional district maps, and FINALLY bring real public involvement and oversight into how our maps are being drawn. Pathway forward legislatively is complicated, but still need to move forward. Partners are asking PA members to contact their state representatives now and urge them to support the Fair Districts Amendment. Use this tool here.

SC | Partners are asking South Carolina members to call and email state leaders to stop AI deep fakes and protect election workers

VA | The Governor sent back SB 364, but did not veto. Partners are continuing to urged Virginians to call (804-786-2211) and email to push for the protection of election workers.

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